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Automation. Optimization.

TAO stands for Transformation, Automation, and Optimization.

Our name encapsulates the primary philosophy of who we are and our value adds and impact to the customers. We specialize in helping our clients embark on their digital journeys, leveraging our industry expertise and technical know-how.

With a deep understanding of diverse industries, we guide organizations to effectively transform their business processes, automate tasks, and optimize operations.

Why TAO Digital


Unlock the full potential of your enterprise's digital transformation with TAO's comprehensive competencies, domain expertise, flexible delivery models, and industry-specific solutions.

Platform Based Services

Leverage TAO's pre-configured NIVEO platform to accelerate your company's technology strategy.

Secure & Compliant

Embed security and compliance at every stage of Software Delivery and Operations whether it is development of new products to enter new markets or providing managed services.

Faster speed to market

Provide rapid-to-market solutions leveraging TAO's engineering heritage and the knowledge base of creating innovative solutions to complex business challenges.

Our Services

Product Engineering Services

Agile service to fuel innovation, accelerate time to market, and transform product vision into reality.

Modern Managed Services

Outcome-based service to manage technology operations, including cloud and on-premise infrastructure, processes, and people.

Cybersecurity Services

Harden IT systems to anticipate threats, prevent zero trust disruptions, and avoid regulatory implications.

Payment Services

End-to-end service to build, manage and scale digital payments, reduce settlement times, and lower transaction fees.

Digitization Services

Scaling data models and accelerating enterprise data strategy to unlock the value of digital assets and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Cloud Services

Accelerating IT modernization through use of Cloud and Data.

Data Services

Make data-driven decisions and reduce cost of operations by obtaining insights and performing cognitive and intelligent automation.

Success Stories

How TAO Delivers

Industry specific Frameworks

Discover the power of Automation and Data Intelligence, stay ahead of the competition, and enhance your business's efficiency and success.


Unlock swift, market-ready solutions with our transformation engineers armed with a track record of crafting innovative solutions for intricate business challenges.

Global Delivery

Operating across five international hubs: USA, Canada, Nigeria, India, and Australia, TAO provides nearshore/offshore/onshore delivery, tapping into global/regional/local talent and offering 24/7 support.

Flexible Model

Unlock the power of TAO's outsourcing pods for intellectual capital retention, nearshoring solutions, capacity staffing, and innovation through Build-Operate-Transfer and MVP Incubation Labs.

Trust & Compliance

TAO's global delivery centres embrace the power of trust and compliance to create 360° value and shared success for our clients, employees, partners, and communities.

Devoted to progress

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How Can We Help?

At TAO Digital, we specialize in helping our clients embark on transformative journeys, leveraging our industry expertise and technical know-how.