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TAO is your partner for customer-driven innovation, rapid experimentation, and top-tier product delivery. Collaborate with TAO to accelerate product development, shorten time-to-market, and gain a strategic edge through expert product engineering.

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Product Rationalization

Partner with a team of PDLC experts to analyze application portfolio, uncover consolidation and migration opportunities, and refresh customer offerings for enhanced competitiveness.

Architecture Design

Design and architect software products with a multi-tenancy focus, utilizing modern principles like microservices and optimal technology stack to guarantee unfaltering performance under any user load.

UI and UX Design

Create superior customer experiences and interfaces that follow modern design thinking, inspire trust, and ensure intuitive usability for clients and end-users.

Product Development

Leverage TAO's NIVEO NCLC (No Code Low Code) platform to develop products from MVP to scaled-up enterprise applications in an Agile manner.

Enterprise Integrations

Integrate into market-leading platforms and systems via pre-built API or existing integration gateways to facilitate rapid product adoption.

Quality Engineering

Attain efficiency, scale, and velocity through innovation-driven services for optimal quality, faster time-to-value, and enhanced ROI in manual or automated testing. Assess all critical product aspects — functionality, performance, usability, security— to close the gap between development and launch.

NIVEO No Code Low Code Platform

Streamline complexity using the NIVEO NCLC platform that enables design thinking, automation, and integration, while reducing dependency on product licenses.
Rapid time to market
Reduce dependency on licensing
Drive breakthrough solutions
Swift ROI realization

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Reinvent your business with TAO’s Product Engineering Services

Extensive domain expertise providing transformative engineering services across various industries.
Platform-driven services, solutions, and accelerators for rapid time-to-market
Extensive experience in product development and modernization with agility.
Swift delivery, intellectual capital retention, cost reduction, culture alignment, and ROI within 12 months.

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