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Leap frog competition by converting to digital manufacturing

In an industry that is ever constrained by bottom line there are competitive pressures to adopt new technologies such as leveraging AI/ML, Internet of Devices and managing cybersecurity for ever converging OT and IT infrastructure. TAO Digital offers solutions that addresses these challenges and ensure that the clients are ahead of the curve.

TAO's Manufacturing Solutions


TAO Integrated Devices (TIoT)

Accelerate your time-to-market and enhance efficiencies with the power of digital manufacturing using TAO's Integrated Devices. It excels in reading sensor technology, IoT platforms, and data management, utilizing advanced analytics and machine learning for a closed-loop system. Gain real-time insights through our end-to-end industrial IoT ecosystem, enabling smart automation with enhanced visibility and agility including digital twinning for improved product startups and reduced ramp costs.

Niveo LCSF


TAO's OT (Operational Technology) LCSF ensures robust cybersecurity for OT encompassing Identity and Access Management, bridging the gap between OT and IT. Our expertise guards against Zero-trust threats and supply chain attacks, safeguarding critical infrastructure, preventing financial losses, protecting PII data, and avoiding regulatory fines. Trust TAO for comprehensive protection against serious cybercrimes.


TAO SCDigitize

TAO provides digitization across the value chain including assembly line and supply chain to perform what-if scenario analysis, apply insights and intelligence to optimize them. TAO provides managed services for operations technology.

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Why TAO Digital

Extensive manufacturing, supply chain, assembly line expertise backed by a group of experienced product managers.
Solutions targeted to leverage the latest AI/ML operations, in addition to the IoT devices, and digitizing manufacturing operations.
Extensive experience in surround systems, data analytics, and operational systems cybersecurity.
Rapid deployment of solutions that help reengineering supply chain and assembly line operations, and obtaining insights into inventory.

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At TAO Digital, we specialize in helping our clients embark on transformative journeys, leveraging our industry expertise and technical know-how.