Enhance patient engagement and outcomes delivered by payers and providers.

Overcome technology challenges and enable Continuum of Care

In an evolving healthcare landscape, innovation is essential.

TAO's expertise and extensive network powered by TAO's Tree of Health solutions empower healthcare providers and payers to integrate technology effectively, accelerate innovation, optimize workflows, reduce costs, and enhance patient experiences.

TAO's Healthcare Solutions


Healthcare Electronic Records Management Solutions

Enhance clinical outcomes with TAO’s HeRMx holistic solutions, spanning the entire patient journey – from pre-encounter preparations to in-person and virtual interactions, and post-encounter care. Leverage TeleMedicine, EHR, and Remote Patient Monitoring for real-time insights, enabling data-driven decisions and a comprehensive 360-degree view of patients.


Healthcare Annotation and Labelling Imaging Solutions

Enhance diagnosis and patient outcomes with TAO’s HeALx solutions leveraging Medical Imaging Data Annotation, AI Model Development & Training, Cloud-Based AI Inferencing, Digital Pathology Annotation & Analysis, an Lab Information System Integration. TAO’s HeALx transforms DICOM-formatted medical images into comprehensively annotated and labeled assets


Healthcare Payment Solutions

Modernize healthcare finance with TAO’s unique HePAx solutions. Eliminate paper-based inefficiencies, enhance patient payment visibility, and strengthen compliance with PHI protection and HIPAA. Streamline reconciliation, reduce fraud risk, and foster supplier relationships through secure digital payments, while unifying the payment process for improved efficiency and effectiveness.


Healthcare Operating Room Solutions

TAO's game-changing solution optimizes OR visibility and scheduling to harness the full potential of operating room time. Gain real-time access to transparent data, defensible metrics, intuitive visualizations, and dynamic scheduling tools that optimize OR usage, surgeon, patient, and staff contentment, effectively reducing cost per OR hour.


Healthcare Connected Device Solutions

Revolutionize patient care with TAO's Connected Device Solutions. Seamlessly integrate vital data from diverse devices, EMRs, and data exchanges, enhancing EMR accuracy and reducing errors. HeIoT ensures HIPAA-compliant, secure data gathering and interoperability, even with Apple Health and Google Health-compatible devices, for streamlined encounter and post-encounter protocols.

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Success Stories

Improve access to care and provide Continuum of Care

Improve patient health outcomes such as providing Continuum of Care, decreased blood pressure and diabetes, and seamless healthcare payments
Increase patient loyalty and engagement, physician productivity, secure patient communication, and maximum utilization of hospital resources
Protect sensitive healthcare data including accessibility of HIPAA-compliant data to various stakeholders including providers and payers
Increase telemedicine revenue to the provider, lower emergency room visits for the patient and ultimately costs incurred by the payer

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Our Industry Leaders

Dr. Shrimathi Killi
MBBS, Senior Product Manager​
Dr. Shrimathi brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge in both medical practice and healthcare IT. She is a qualified medical professional who has worked with various hospital and clinical information systems across the US, UK, and India. She also has a deep understanding of the healthcare regulations, standards, operation, and protocols in these markets. ​
Dr. Bala Murugan
HL7/FHIR and Standards expert
Healthcare IT consultant and a Physician with overall 15+ years of experience in the Healthcare IT Domain as a Product Manager for Healthcare digitalization; Expertise in Clinical Information systems (Electronic Health Record and Medical Imaging), Patient Portal, and Provider Portal including credentialing, Revenue cycle management​
Fadi Baaklini
SVP Healthcare Go To Market
25 years of multi-dimensional and healthcare expertise and take our solutions to providers and payers accordingly.

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