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In an ever-evolving food and beverage industry, the challenge lies in harnessing the power of digital technology to drive growth, efficiency, and exceptional customer experiences. As product development activities intensify, the intricacies of business operations also increase. We provide tailored IT solutions that transform challenges into opportunities and pave the way for a sustainable and thriving future.

TAO's Food & Beverage Solutions


TAO Order Management (ToM)

Enhance your order management capabilities with TAO's advanced Order Management. From online and mobile order management to personalized menus based on past ordering data, we enable seamless kiosk management and integrate. Leverage instant cross-sells and up-sells based on customer preferences. Streamline your operations and elevate the customer experience with TAO's comprehensive order management suite.


TAO Food and Beverage Payments (TfbP)

TAO offers a comprehesive suite of payment solutions to enable food and beverage technology companies including digital payments, reconciliation and dispute management, virtual cards, loyalty programs, multi-lingual POS management, and customer services.

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Extensive food and beverage expertise integrating with enterprise applications.
Food and Beverage solutions that bring Digital Marketing and unique payment solutions to restaurants.
Extensive experience in kiosk applications, applying AI, and personalizing menus and offers to customers.
Client value delivered in rapid deployment of solutions, rapid revenues, and Faster ROI.

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