Modern Managed Services

Managing complex IT environments while reducing the cost of ownership and extending the dollar.

Ensuring high availability, along with seamless, and secure operations.

Transforming large and complex IT environments with Automation and Optimization to ensure seamless operations, enhanced resource productivity, and unmatched efficiency.

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Our Offerings

Infrastructure Managed Services

Ensure Infrastructure evolution and management based on workloads through performance optimization, deployment of new components, migration, patch management, and compliance.

Application Managed Services

Efficiently manage applications using TAO's NIVEO OPMP (Operations Management Platform). Ensure application availability, streamline application packaging, optimize delivery, and uphold SLAs while meticulously monitoring KPIs in a global operational workflow.

Cybersecurity Operations

Stay at the forefront of security network and systems technologies to fortify digital assets while ensuring privacy and confidentiality viaInfrastructure protection management.

SOC and Transformation Services

Enhance cyber defense capabilities across all functions, including threat intelligence, threat hunting, incident response, and control validation in the enterprise SOC environment. Leverage TAO's cyber security expertise to develop and optimize security operations, bridging the gap with critical cyber defense functions.

DevOps Managed Services

Elevate DevOps with TAO's managed services, overseeing containers, CI/CD pipelines and ensuring 24/7 monitoring, observability, and security for dependable cloud software delivery.

Data Operations and Analytics

Accelerate data-driven decision-making via seamless data management optimized processing for analytics, scalability, and data quality. Stay informed with robust monitoring and security measures, including data loss prevention and encryption.

NIVEO Operations Management Platform

With extensive domain expertise, proficient data management, and intelligent analytics, NIVEO OPMP accelerates time to market, enhances forecasting, fosters stakeholder trust, and bolsters operational resilience. NIVEO OPMP’s scalability aids in transitioning operations and reducing total operational costs.
Optimize Infrastructure & Reduce Maintenance Cost
Identify & Mitigate
Potential Risks
Accelerate Scalability &
Agile Transformation
Increase Productivity & Minimize Downtime

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Reinvent your business with TAO’s Managed Services Solution

Extensive multi-domain expertise across industries assisting in swift productivity gains implementing managed services.
Automation scripts in DevOps and DevSecOps in addition to Accelerators that assist in rapid take over of operations.
Seasoned leadership team with firsthand experience in building globally distributed managed services teams that adapt to varying sizes and effectively implement the 'Follow-the-Sun' approach.
Fast enablement of geographically diverse operations, Follow-the-sun approach, and rapid takeover of operations.

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