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Turn data into Business intelligence and automation for better data-driven decision making.

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Data Strategy

Build a robust data strategy to thrive in the modern data-driven world. From optimizing data lakes and cloud databases to harnessing Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), TAO guides customers in creating a roadmap for data engineering applications, tools, and platforms.

Data Modernization

Attain data ubiquity and seamless accessibility within a modernized data landscape, harnessing data frameworks, intellectual property, and state-of-the-art solutions. Benefit from TAO's partnerships with top hyper scalers and data tech providers to equip enterprises with advanced data-driven capabilities, ensuring they are primed to unlock the full potential of AI.

Data Engineering & Compliance

TAO excels in seamless data ingestion and aggregation, offering expertise in database and data lake design, master data management, and integration. TAO's solution ensures optimal data availability across on-prem and cloud applications, focusing on scalability, capacity planning, and data protection, including cloud security, backup, restore, and governance.

Cognitive Deep Learning Services

Unlock the power of AI in business and IT by speeding up AI discovery, pilot development, and innovation. Build a scalable AI framework on a solid data foundation with pre-built assets, AutoML, transfer learning, MLOps, and synthetic data generators, reducing time-to-market while maximizing value.

Data Analytics

Empower data-driven decisions with insights, analytics, and visualization. Enable self-service analytics, harness real-time and advanced analytics for informed decision-making across the organization.

Automation Services

Leverage NiVEO Intelligence Automation and Hyperautomation Platform to automate processes, develop profit-boosting bots, and enhance cognitive intelligence. Gain valuable insights for business and customer analytics, optimizing profitability

NIVEO Intelligence Automation Platform

Our platform provides business process and application automation to create BOTs that reduce operational overheads and provide cognitive intelligence to obtain insights that enable customers to make data-driven decisions.
BOT creation
Cognitive Intelligence
Highly automated
Data-driven decisions

Our Partners

Extensive knowledge in KPIs, business insights, and decision-making data challenges in various industries.
Intelligence automation platform, data lake/meta data models, data analytics blueprints, and ML Ops.
Extensive experience in data engineering, analytics, and AI/ML operations.
Rapid deployment of cloud data bases, data lakes, and identifying customer and business insights.

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