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The dynamic nature of the Automotive industry with new transformations such as Electric Vehicle (EV), connected cars, and autonomous vehicles demands new thinking and solutions that TAO Digital offers.

TAO's Automotive Solutions


TAO Connected Vehicle (TcV)

TAO's Connected Vehicle provides basic technical parameters and analytics displayed on your device to advanced navigation, entertainment, and transactional commerce features. It caters to varying needs. Embrace a thriving ecosystem of connected services, offering new consumer experiences and endless business opportunities. TAO supports on-demand and subscription services, while ensuring cybersecurity, seamless connectivity, and efficient data engineering.


TAO Digital Cockpit (TdC)

Enable TAO's Digital Cockpits including customer portals incorporating ominichannel customer interactiosn, deep loyalty programs, establish customer lifetime value, and captive finance


TAO Vehicle Intelligence (TvI)

Improve automated driving with using TAO vehicle intelligence, a trusted solution that produces map content for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) already used in millions of smartphones. Warn vehicles about hazards around the corner. Overcome the limitations of vehicle sensors to see around upcoming turns or through harsh weather conditions. Add more data about the road ahead into the decision-making process. Improve speed-limit awareness with data.

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Why TAO Digital

Extensive autonomous driving expertise backed by navigation and digitization experience.
Solutions targeted to incorporate maps and navigation into autonomous driving, leveraging AI/ML to make driving decision, and providing cybersecurity services.
Experience in integrating with automotive hardware, leveraging federated technologies to improve automous driving parameters, and cybersecurity measures to minimize hacking.
Comprehensive solutions, accurate navigation, and correct driving decisions.

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At TAO Digital, we specialize in helping our clients embark on transformative journeys, leveraging our industry expertise and technical know-how.