Cloud Services

Modernize IT infrastructure by transforming and migrating workloads into multi-cloud environment.

Secure and Manage Cloud solutions driving outcome-based services

Unlock competitive advantage by modernizing legacy IT infrastructure or building cloud-native applications on an outcome basis.

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Cloud Strategy

Empower machine learning algorithms to acquire context and meaning from data, allowing them to achieve desired outcomes by learning from labeled information.

Cloud Migration

Create custom geospatial databases to analyze patterns and leverage the power of predictive modeling to address site-specific questions. Enhance communication, efficiency, management, and decision-making through insights and context.

Managed Cloud Services

Multidisciplinary engineering support services including 3D modeling, as-builts, clash checks, model conversion, data conversion.

Cloud Native Development

Develop virtual models of physical objects for in-depth performance analysis through simulations to inform improvements and enhancements.

Cloud Security

Strengthen customer & employee trust with proactive, industry-relevant threat intelligence woven into your cloud & infrastructure fabric.

NIVEO SaaS Container Orchestration Platform

Our SaaS platform provides turn-key implementations of various containers such as Kubernetes, Docker, and Jenkins to eablish CI/CI pipelines seamlessly
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Security & Governance

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Reinvent your business with TAO Cloud Services

Extensive knowledge on cloud migration and enablement challenges in various industries.
Cloud enablement accelerators, blueprints and architectural patterns, and SaaS Container Orchestration platform.
Extensive experience in cloud modernization and enablement.
Rapid deployment of cloud migrations, reduced cost of ownership, and lower cost of resource scaling.

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