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In today's fast-paced business and technology landscape. your oll and gas enterprise needs to leverage innovative technology and unleash new business opportunities to outperform competitors and consistently stay resilient in a disruptive market.

A digital-first approach empowers your enterprise to enhance resilience, bolster security, and achieve operational excellence. At TAO Digital, we're your trusted partner to streamline operations, break down data silos, and enable cloud platforms and capabilities to build a sustainable future

TAO's Commerce Solutions


TAO Cross-border eCommerce

Streamline your cross-border ecommerce business to expand market footprint, increase sales, and introduce new B2B marketplaces leveraging TAO's coss-border ecommerce solution. The solution predicts cross-border taxes and foreign exchange depending on  trading countries, ensures there are no hidden costs for consumers, shipping logisticss, and avoid payment fraud while offering various payment methods.


TAO Cross-border Payments

Optimize your eCommerce business with TAO's Coss-border payment payment solutions. Cross-border transactions are made easy, ensuring fast and cost-effective fund transfers while complying with local regulations. Seamlessly integrate with major international networks and local card schemes such as Rupay, bank transfers, digital wallets, Loyalty programs, acquirer and issuer loyalty, coupon management, Buy Now Pay Later, and pre-paid cards. Enhance payment methods and reduce costs for hassle-free global transactions. In addition, TAO helps in creating small, regional/localized B2B marketplaces.


TAO Digital Marketing Intelligence

TAO provides very unique digital marketing intelligence such as buying patterns, customer behavior, and foot fall based on location/identity data. TAO also provides a private cloud to collate data from end customers that can be merged wit information that the dealers have to create new set of insights in a secure environment.


TAO Xtract

TAO's Xtract is AI-powered intelligent document processing solution that adapts as it learns from document data. With an intuitive user interface, our data extraction platform performs efficient and accurate document processing. Reducing costly errors and the time to capture. It leverages an optical character recognition – OCR – solution that reads the document like a human, adapting to changes in style and formatting.

TAO's Services

Why TAO Digital

Extensive Commerce expertise backed by a group of experienced product managers.
Ready to consume commerce and retail solutions that help customers extend their operations into other jurisdictions and last mile delivery.
Extensive experience in cross-border eCommerce, cross-border payments, market intelligence, and last mile delivery.
Client Value delivered varies from Rapid application delivery, Retention of intellectual capital, Overall cost reduction, and ROI in less than 12 months.

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At TAO Digital, we specialize in helping our clients embark on transformative journeys, leveraging our industry expertise and technical know-how.