Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Helping Pharma companies maintain competitive advantage in ever evolving pandemic and chronic disease markets

Keep up with regulatory complexities and quality challenges of Life Sciences companies

Life Sciences companies inadvertently face quality challenges such as GxP compliance and regulatory complexities from drug development, clinical trials, manufacturing, to rug introduction in addition HIPAA compliance. TAO Digital offers solutions that address these issues in addition to knowledge management and learning within the supply chain.

TAO's Life Sciences Solutions


TAO iVerify

iVerify automates, integrates, and scales compliance and wokrflow processes required for GxP compiance across organizations – enabling painless adoption of technologies for life sciences and medical device. With life sciences solutions such as iVerify, companies can ensure consistency in compliance across their organization and reside in a state of audit readiness.



Use TAO's unique LKSM solution to allow cross-functional teams access to pharma knowledge management software or repositories to eliminate duplicate work or information silos. LKSM is used to aid training, improve efficiency, keep historical records, and many other applications, including intellectual property protection, drug development, drug manufacturing, and understanding patient experience during clinical trials.



TAO's LSLP solutions Increases learning efficiency by breaking down dense, complex, clinical information into bite-size microlearning and use action-oriented modules to keep your learners (internal and external) continuously engaged.

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Extensive life sciences knowledge and regulatory expertise backed by a group of experienced product managers.
Targeted solutions aimed at Knowledge Management, supply chain learning, and improving quality of drugs manufactured.
Expertise in GxP compliance, clinical trials, drug manufacturing, supply chain operations, observability, and drug marketing regulations.
Client value delivered includes rapid time to market, lower TCO, optimized operations, and higher customer satisfaction.

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