Cybersecurity Services

Harden your infrastructure, predict security events and threats, and reduce security exposures.

Cybersecurity as competitive advantage in a world of digitized uncertainty

Secure your extensive enterprise boundaries and leap frog competition by minimizing exposures and threats on the attack surfaces.

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Cyber Risk Services

Assess for vulnerabilities, conduct penetration testing, and provide remediation recommendations. Ensure up-to-date security patches with comprehensive patch management services.

Identity and Access Management Services

Safeguard critical assets and data by limiting access to authorized individuals and devices, irrespective of location or network boundary. Proactive protection in the evolving threat landscape.

SOC and Transformation Services

Enhance cyber defense capabilities across all functions, including threat intelligence, threat hunting, incident response, and control validation in the enterprise SOC environment. Leverage TAO's cyber security expertise to develop and optimize security operations, bridging the gap with critical cyber defense functions.

Threat Management

Indicator of attack (IOA) to detect and prevent cyber attacks by detecting in real-time the intent and techniques. Leveraging threat intelligence and MITRE ATT&CK framework.

IoT/OT Security

Safeguard internet-connected devices from cyber threats. Leverage loT security techniques, strategies, and tools to ensure comprehensive protection in the evolving technological landscape.

Compliance Enablement

Elevate your Cybersecurity systems and processes by securing and automating the launch and maintenance of consistent, repeatable, and secure IT environments that exceed industry compliance standards, including applications, servers, databases, users, devices, and networks.

NIVEO Layered Cybersecurity Framework (LCSF)

Simplify implementation complexity with NIVEO LCSF, our Layered Cyber Security Framework. NIVEO LCSF integrates with several best of breed security solutions such as Identity and Access Management, SIEM, and threat detection and management to protect against unknown threats.
Avail Al/ML proactive security monitoring and investigation
Strengthen enterprise wide unified security management
Modular on-demand services for customized solutions
Vendor Agnostic

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Reinvent your business with TAO’s Cybersecurity Services

Extensive knowledge on cybersecurity challenges and threats in various industries
TAO’s Layered Cyber Security platform provides rapid integration to various IAM/PAM, monitoring and threat management tools
Extensive experience in penetration testing, threat monitoring, and SOC operations
Achieve 60-75% savings on CAPEX and OPEX, 100% comprehensive threat detection and management, 80-90% adaptive controls​, security compliance​, proactive zero-day attack prevention​, and predictive cyber security monitoring.

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